Playing Sports In Korea

Korea has a very rich sporting culture that goes back decades. The country has a very diverse offering of sporting activities, that range from traditional homegrown sports to popular and emerging games. The country has also hosted a number of international sporting events and gained some major successes in different popular sports.

Playing Sports In Korea

There are some sports that are unique to this country, and this makes playing sports in Korea a special experience. The most popular of these traditional Korean games is Taekwondo, which is a graceful self-defence discipline that has gained global repute. Other traditional sports include Jokgu, Ssireum, Yeon Nalligi and Huangso Ssaum.

Playing sports in Korea the traditional way

Try out these traditional and interesting sports while visiting Korea. Yeon Nalligi is a kite flying game played during the new year celebrations. Huangso Ssaum is a traditional sport featuring bull-fighting, with great betting potential. Ssireum is wrestling in a sandy ring, very similar to Sumo wrestling. Jokgu is a unique sport that blends aspects of both football and volleyball.

Popular Mainstream Sports In Korea

The most popular mainstream sports in Korea are Football and Baseball. This is due to the large fan base they command, with football having a following of 41% and baseball 25%. This popularity has often translated into success in these sports, with a good example being the Korean Baseball team which are amongst the best in the world and produced 2008 Olympic Games gold medallists.

Enjoy Playing Sports In Korea

Enjoying sports in Korea will definitely not feel like a chore. There is such a wide selection of sporting activities to choose from that no one will feel left out whatever your preferences are. This article has just covered the most popular and the traditional sports. However, you can also enjoy many other sports like Bicycling, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming, Skiing, Scuba Diving, Rugby, Golf, Badminton, Billiards and Bowling!